[CDC's ultimate goal is to create and/or promote a CDCV translation of the New Testament:

a) only BASED UPON the Scrivener/Trinitarian Greek Text of the New Testament (and NO other),

b) having the ACCURACY of the best of the KJV, RSV, NASV, & NKJV....but the MODERN LINGUISTIC FLOW, FORM, AND SENTENCE-STRUCTURE propriety of the RSV and NIV,

c) in which no SYNONYMNS are ever used for the exact same Greek-Text words throughout that New Testament, and

d) all PERSONAL and GEOGRAPHICAL NAMES are exactly transliterated from Greek alphabet lettering into English alphabet lettering

Additional Information


The Vulgar-talking Rabshakeh (mentioned in Isaiah 36:12) suggested ingesting both urine and dung -- the defiling and disgusting unclean likes of which the holy prophet Ezekiel refused to taste, even though the LORD Himself initially told Ezekiel to bake cakes on human excrement (according to Ezekiel 4:9-17). So how would you like your angel-food cake: 100% pure and delightful.....or instead mixed with putrid devil's-food feces, cyanide or anthrax? Would you mind swimming in a small lake wherein a lot of dirty pigs have tinkled through their "bathing suits?"

And how do you like your Bible translation?Do you mind if your "bible" is polluted with the FILTH of occasional miswording, distortion, and - frankly - lies? If you do NOT care, why not quit now instead of pretending and playing christian - being a double-minded hypocrite - and go to hell (sooner OR later)?

THE TRUE Holy Spirit (not Spook nor Ghost) has INDEED preserved THE VALID Hebrew Old-Testament and Greek New-Testament TEXTS of the ORIGINAL autographs of the GENUINE Holy Bible through the Antioch church, other of THE Seven Churches mentioned in the opening chapters of Revelation, the Masorete Jews, Erasmus, Luther, Stephanus, Beza, Scrivener, Green (believe it or not), me and others like me to this very day.

So much for the introductory-comment hors d'oeuvres. Now for the main course of this website.

Below is a (hopefully-accurate!) synthesis of Greek-to-English New-Testament interlinear editions purporting to be based upon the [Scrivener-Trinitarian] inerrant, infallible, original Greek Text of the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

The identity of one is:

The Interlinear Greek-English New Testament (of Jay P. Green, ISBN 0-8010-2138-3 copyrighted 1983 and 1996 - an edition published by Sovereign Grace Publishers of Lafayette Indiana)

The identity of another is:

The Interlinear Greek-English New Testament (of Jay P. Green, ISBN 0-913573-25-6 copyrighted 1986 - an edition published by Hendrickson Publishers of Peabody Massachusetts)

Identity of the third is:

Pocket Interlinear New Testament (of Jay P. Green), ISBN 0-8010-3777-8, copyrighted 1976 - an edition published by Baker Book House Company of Grand Rapids Michigan)

At this point, this author of this website knows that the three GREEK TEXTS of the aforementioned publishers are NOT PERFECTLY identical. As it is, even in the first chapter of Matthew, there is Greek-text discrepancy amongst the three editions. Therefore, it is the duty of an honest, careful, and courageous Spirit-controlled analyst or group of them to discern which one(s) made whatever errors - wherever - compared to the others.

The nineteen (19) .gif representations below are the culmination of an analysis of the phonetic pronunciations of the transliterated-from-Greek-to-English-lettering Greek Text of Matthew chapter one of The New Testament of The Holy Bible.

[ NOTE: The Verse Reference alphanumerics in the following .gif images indicate MT for 'Matthew,' and the next number is refers to chapter 1, the next number to the verse number, and the last number is the word number within that verse.

ACCENTED syllables of the transliterated Greek-to-English-lettered multi-syllabled textual words are indicated by printing such in CAPS, and are based upon where the accents probably occur in corresponding multi-syllabled English-translation words. ]

For more information, one Bible version superior to the KJV is the

John Wesley English Translation of the New Testament

Also, choice selections of Scripture verses in good translation are found at

Copyable Select Bible Verse Segments